The parking time is 24 hours, the time is calculated from when you enter the parking lot. Parking fee is 100 SEK/day. The parking fee includes WC, shower, and WiFi. 5O SEK worth of shopping at Hotel Ljungby store or Taverna with proof of valid ticket*.


Check in at the entrance barrier


Drive towards the entrance barrier, pay the machine to receive a ticket, the barrier will open.


Park in a designated area.


The code for the restroom and shower mentions on the ticket. For WiFi code, look inside of the restrooms.


The parking ticket is valid for 24 hours. The ticket is personal and may not be transferred.


The ticket deactivates when you exit the lot.






We accept VISA, Mastercard, Shell, ST1, OKQ8, Preem, Circle K and Volvo. At Hotel Ljungby you can also pay with cash, either SEK or Euro.


Corporate- and Invoice Customers


To facilitate for your drivers, you can become a credit customer. Apply for this in our shop at Hotel Ljungby or contact the reception at parking@truckstopljungby.se or +46 372-825 00. When your application has been approved, the driver reports his arrival at the store and receives his parking permit. Invoicing is then done once a month with payment terms 30 days net.


Damage and incurance


All vehicles need to be insured and traffic registered in order to check in. Truckstop Ljungby is not responsible for any damages or theft. Uninsured or not registered vehicles will be towed and returns to the owner when the towing fee is paid.




The parking lot shall be kept in good condition by you as a customer, and the service-house should be used with respect. Any trash or waste are thrown at designated places. The area is camera monitored and the violation will be prosecuted.


General terms


50 SEK worth of shopping at Hotel Ljungby or Taverna by showing a valid ticket. *


Valid through the day of parking.


* Does not apply for alcohol, lotteries, and medication. Neither hotel rooms. It cannot be combined with other offers. We reserve ourselves for any price adjustments, typos, and changes of terms.


We accept

For a safe an pleasent day of rest

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